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Presentatörer - Gothenburg April 26-28 2019

Camilla Bergström

Camilla Bergström, Göteborg

Camilla (E-RYT 500) is an internationally renowned yoga teacher, advocate of health- To live with awareness, purpose and freedom.

She left Sweden when she was eighteen years old and moved to LA where she stayed for 23 years. After years of studying she created her lifelong dream to work with what she loves most -Yoga and Wellbeing. She has since been teaching full-time with an extensive private clientele, teacher trainings and workshops throughout the world. She decided to move back to Sweden 2014, where she runs the studio Yogaroom and she founded Art Of Life teacher training program, a unique format based on her own life experiences and studying with masters from all over the world.

“I embrace Yoga as a way of life. I am a dreamer, a seeker, a spiritual warrior. I have been on a lifelong quest of making sense of it all. Yoga became my map to heal, massive wounds that almost took my life. Practicing for twenty plus years I am still a student, grateful beyond I have the opportunity to share my story, my teaching to others who are willing to listen. Yoga to me is to live my truth, to walk to my own drum beat and to inspire others to do the same.”


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Göteborg 26-28 april 2019

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12:30 : The Why? How? What? Backbends (Studio 4 Foajé)
Yoga teaches us to ask BIG questions. WE need to do backbends! Camilla is well known for her backbends classes and you will walk away feeling empowered.
WHY? (Iccha) WHY we do backbends? What is the purpose? And why is It so important to do them? Why do we get up in the morning? Why we do the things we do? The questions WHY is like pealing an onion and get to the middle of it. It’s our HEART. Find the purpose. Setting an intention.
HOW? (Jnana) How do we do deep backbends safely? We will brake down the technique so you can go to a place beyond imaginary. Learn how important it is for our whole being to move the direction that sometimes scares us the most. It’s our MIND. Focus and keep on learning to evolve.
WHAT? (Kriya) What we do, is the action. YES, we actually need to DO something! What we want the most won’t come knocking on the door. It’s our BODY. Set a goal and do it.