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Presentatörer - Gothenburg April 26-28 2019

Krista E Cahill

Krista E Cahill, Paris France

In 1999 Krista began practicing Ashtanga Yoga- as taught by Sri. K Pattabhi Jois. Years later & by great fortune, Krista was led to Master-Teacher Maty Ezraty. Maty influenced Krista to approach daily practice from the subtle body, rather than gross anatomy. A teaching that deeply influences the course taken each day, on & off the mat. Krista continues to study and to be mentored by Maty. Upon Maty's recommendation Krista traveled to Italy in 2015 to study with Dona Holleman. Dona's method is called "Centered Yoga".Dona's teachings are inspiring new and untapped avenues of growth. Much gratitude and respect for her teachings Krista's classes reflect all three of her main influences, and are for anyone open to creative exploration.Krista asks students to be curious to let go of pretenses & to embrace inner-exploration.Krista understands Yoga as a healing art and spiritual discipline, “ you don’t learn to be intuitive—you already are". Yoga is remembering we are constantly under Construction— there is infinite room for learning and creative expression. This practice intends to provoke us & to inspire the bigger questions triggering one’s own awakening…the truth is-It is never complete, it is never finished, it’s infinite.


Instagram: @krista_cahill_yoga

Göteborg 26-28 april 2019

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10:45 : Handbalancing for ALL (Studio 1 Norr)

This course will guide you through the most important part of the practice of hand balancing, the preparations. Connection exercises to the center of the body, rebounding energy theory, and shoulder stability drills are key to advancing understanding of how to approach this family of challenging, yet fun postures.

Everyone- of all levels is welcome tojoin in on this practice, as it will inform the beginner as well as advanced student, excluding no-one. Yoga is an inclusive practice, and when the students approach is correct… this is where you find tremendous learning and beautiful community support in your many Hi's and Low's. On the mat and in LIFE.


14:30 : FREEstyle (Studio 1 Norr)

Laboratory for self practice, a classical sequence taught methodically in the space of freedom to slow down, explore deeper, and study the minutiae. Free breathing, rather than traditional Ujjayi breathing offers a fun challenge, a chance to cultivate the diaphragmatic breathing for a different approach.

Observing our attachments shows up in these intense moments of self study, opening to seeing our blocks, blocks which limits our knowledge, possible expansion, and understanding. Tolerance is the birthplace of peace. Enjoy practicing a slightly altered version of the classical Primary Series sequence, the freedom to be inclusive, plus all the mutual benefits to traditional Ashtanga Mysore method as a Laboratory for all …



08:00 : California Dreamer (Studio 2 Mitten)

Golden light, and Sunsets over the Pacific, create the perfect backdrop to a killer Yoga practice. Ask anyone about the magic of yoga in LA LA LAND…

LA yoga is a blend of laid-back, bo-ho chic dreamers and brilliant physical precision, thanks to master teacher Maty Ezraty, the Founder of Yoga Works, Santa Monica. The quintessential practice gives you the best LA has to offer, strength and ease. A perfect balance of intensity; long holds, hand balancing, movement, and precision. While working intensely on building strength, the breath helps us to create ease & space in the body…

Ease brings us to the moment, and to balance. All Levels are Welcome.


11:30 : Drop Back (Studio 1 Norr)

A crash-course on how to use gravity to descend gracefully into the spinal extensions such as Urdvha Danurasana and Ustrasana. The practice will begin in a simple format and progress slowly toward possible drops and lifts.

Each person range of motion is unique and this laboratory will help create understanding for the body’s natural limits and how to develop a moderate approach to advancing one’s practice.