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Presentatörer - Gothenburg April 26-28 2019


Ateeka, Oslo Norge och Italien

Ateeka is an American-born yogini who, for the last 25 years, has explored the fusion of traditional yoga and modern somatic practices.   She is the founder of YogaSOMATICS,  a mindful movement approach infused with tantric wisdom. 

Her teaching is simple, open and warm-hearted and accessible to people from all streams of life.    She is moved by a vision to help create a new culture of healthy contact . . . inner contact, contact between people and with our living planet.


Instagram @ateekayoga

Göteborg 26-28 april 2019

Till schema Göteborg 26-28 april 2019 >


15:45 : Myofascial Unwinding (Studio 4 Foajé)

Connect and explore movement within your  LIVING WEB of LIFE, the myofascial tissue  … a continuum of tissue, without beginning or end that offers both freedom and containment to your entire anatomy.  You will learn the 5 steps to the practice of MYOFASCIAL UNWINDING that softly and gently helps to restore your myofascial/connective tissue to a state of healthy natural resiliency.   With a focus towards a yogaSOMATICS practice, myofascial unwinding can be an useful preparation for more yoga asanas, pranayama and benefits a deeper relaxation in the whole system.


17:30 : Grounding (Studio 4 Foajé)

An ideal workshop to finish your day and let all that you have learned in your busy YOGA GAMES day to be integrated in your system.  You will work with another person in giving and receiving safe, grounding hands-on healing work. You will learn and be guided in sharing gentle energy circulation, grounding and touch techniques that embody the true spirit of rest and support.