Welcome to the secont year of Yoga Games – the Nordic Yoga Conference in Copenhagen! A large part of the event is the popular Marketplace on Saturday and Sunday, where companies venture out to show products to visitors. In total, about 30 companies exhibit at Yoga Games Marketplace.

There is no entrance fee to the Marketplace and you do not need to have booked a ticket to the Yoga Games, open and free to the public.

We are very proud to release this opening of  Yoga Games in Copenhagen. A part of the event is a large Marketplace where companies get the opportunity to showcase and market their brands and products. The Marketplace is free and open to the public.

About 50 companies have a stand at the Yoga Games Marketplace. As a visitor, you get the opportunity to meet well-known companies and brands from the health and wellness industry. In most booths, you will also be able to buy products. 


You have a chance to experience new and well-known brands with exclusive offer and news in yoga, training and wellness. Example of companies is: training clothes, yoga teacher trainings, yoga mats and props, supplements, massage, chairity etc. All focusing on a helathier lifestyle.


Saturday 08-19

Sunday 09-17.30


For us it is important that everyone takes responsibility and makes an extra effort because we all need a better future and a functioning planet. From 2020, we demand that all exhibitors state how they are Striving to achieve this goal. It can be in production, transport, packaging, resource consumption, etc.

Together we will contribute to healthier bodies and minds and enjoy a wonderful planet!


Yoga Games offers free yoga classes on Saturday and Sunday. Anyone can participate and tickets are released one hour before class starts at the Information Desk. Please bring your own yoga mat. 


Adresse: CPH Conference – a part of DGI Byen, Tietgensgade 65, 1704 København V. Lige ved siden af Købehavns Hovedbanegård HERE

Entrence from the CONFERENCE CENTRE, Kvægtorvsgade!