MALMÖ April 9-10 


Yoga Games – the Nordic Yoga Conference started in Malmö with great success in 2018 and 2019. A part of the event is a large Marketplace where companies get the opportunity to showcase and market their brands and products. The Marketplace is free and open to the public.

Finally, we are back in Malmö. We have now been waiting since 2019 since the last event.

About 40 companies have a stand at the Yoga Games Marketplace. As a visitor, you get the opportunity to meet well-known companies and brands from the health and wellness industry. In most stands, you are able to buy products. 

Opening hours:

Saturday 08.00 – 19.00

Sunday 09.00 – 17.30


Yoga Games also offers a free yoga studio. It is not possible to book a ticket there, it is only on site drop-in. You pick up your ticket no earlier than 60 minutes before the class starts. Everyone is welcome, even those who have not bought tickets for the event. Bring your own yoga mat.


For us, it is important that everyone takes their responsibility and makes an extra effort so that we all have a better future and a functioning planet. From 2020, we require all exhibitors to describe in what way they strive to achieve this goal. It can be in production, transport, packaging, resource consumption, personnel issues, etc.

Together we will contribute to healthier bodies and minds that enjoy a prosperous planet!

Malmö Arena Hotell

A limited number of rooms are reserved for the special price “Event Special Promotion” at Malmö Arena Hotel.

The special price gives a 20% discount on today’s current price.

PLEASE NOTE that the correct date and number of people must be stated directly on the front page to get the correct price.

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Find us

MalmöMässan, Mässgatan 6, 215 32 Malmö 


Hyllie station has a unique location in the Öresund region. Copenhagen Airport is only 12 minutes away by train. The closest train station in Malmö is Triangeln, which is only 3 minutes away, and Malmö Central Station is 6 minutes away. The trains stop around the clock at Hyllie Station which is about 300 meters from Malmömässan.


Several local buses stop just outside Malmömässan at the bus stop Hyllie Vattenpark. The inter city buses in Malmö are green and the regional buses are yellow. The regional buses that stop in Hyllie stop by the station square just 300 meters away from Malmömässan.


Since being located close to Denmark and both Copenhagen Airport and Malmö Airport Sturup creates great possibilities for international events.

If you fly to Copenhagen then you can be at the first train stop in Sweden, Hyllie Station, in only 12 minutes!

From Malmö Airport you can get to Malmömässan by car or taxi in 30 minutes. There are also buses from the airport straight to the city of Malmö where you can change to local buses or train to the venue. 


Malmömässan is located just by the main road Inre Ringvägen in the area Hyllie in Malmö. In the area there are over 3000 parking spaces and also charging stations for electric cars. More info regarding parking can be found at PMalmö´s website: