the Online Experience – 28 november

the Nordic yoga event!


Together with Yogobe, we gather just about everyone interested in yoga in a unique yoga event online. You will be able to participate via Zoom. Either in a group or in your own home. Some of the most popular teachers from Yoga Games events offer 5 especially unique yoga classes in one day. The event is LIVE, will not be recorded or will not be sold afterwards.

We create this event to be able to give you a taste of Yoga Games where you are. All the while we are waiting for the situation with Covid-19 to be sorted out and at the same time as we and Yogobe want to help the yoga studios out there that are the heart of our industry in an everyday life where they are having a hard time.

In collaboration with Sweden's yoga studios, this will be a completely unique experience. You can book in to be online from home or go to your favorite studio and meet in a small group and take part in something much bigger!

When you sign up for a particular studio, we share the revenue with them 50/50. Go there and hang out with a likeminded group on the big day or decide to join from home. That said, this classes are not recorded for resale and you can turn off your camera if you do not want to be seen.





09-10 JOHANNA HECTOR - Wake Up - Grow Up - Show Up

Välkommen hem till dig själv, till din josiga kärna! Här finns tillfredsställelsen. Härifrån kan du växa och härifrån kan du bidra.Vi börjar mjukt och böljande som vågor på andetagets hav.Flödar in i Happy Hips och avslutar med Mighty Heart!



10.15-11.15 ADAM HUSLER -Twist and Twist again

There’s a family of asana that every 21st-century body loves and needs, the twists! We’ll begin by touching base on the mechanics of what’s happening in your body when you twist with integrity, then via a controlled vinyasa practice, we’ll gradually explore the core-muscles required for non-levered twist and then begin to add some leavers, gradually getting deeper into our opening and closing twists. We’ll explore adding our new found twists to increasingly challenging balancing poses and arm balances like grasshopper, side crow, koundinyasana A and revolved bird of paradise. 



11.30-12.30 HELENA WINTRE - 

Our yoga practice is our sacred space where we can experience who we are, our deepest longings and desires, and what we aspire to be. A space for exploring and touching something deeper beyond words and thoughts. We will move thru a quite simple, still dynamic, challenging and restoring “fullbody” flow with clear alignment  to support and reconnect to our inner, sacred space. 


12.30-13.30 Lunch Break


13.30-14.30 RAGHUNATH - Bhakti Flow and Flight

Advance your physical & spiritual practice with Raghunath, infusing inventive inversions, brave balancing , sneaky sequencing & tricky transitions. All  teachings are peppered with bhakti yoga philosophy while class begins and ends with call and response chanting to set the mood. Let your own dynamic signature practice take shape, as you push your edge and realize your potential, no matter what level youre at.  Raghunath will demystify advanced asanas and teach appropriate ways to add them to your practice. In true Raghu style this class is rooted in down to earth spirituality, and instructions for living a contemporary yogic lifestyle. Change your mind, strengthen your practice, and open your heart.



14.45-15.45 RUSTY WELLS - Joyful Warrior

Joyful Warrior leads a life of peaceful strenght. Today we discover oth peace and strength in our poses. If we can't feel something right in the pose, then we are doing it wrong. Let's sing, sweat and flow together in the most funny loving way




Helena Wintre, Sverige

Has a unique way of teaching, hard and soft in a perfect balance. Helena is the model of a yoga teacher, she makes you calm down and really sees everyone for where they are, it can be these qualities that make her one of the most popular teachers.


Adam Husler, England

The world's most charming Brit, Adam is a master of techniques and knows how every single part of your body should move in perfection. You are guaranteed to learn things you did not know about your body.


Johanna Hector, Sverige

The teacher who has been teching at the most Yoga Games. A really power woman who can evoke feelings that you did not know existed in yourself. She challenges your body, questions your being and makes you understand your higher purpose and what you actually want in your life, for real.


Raghunath, USA

Monk for 5 years, star in his punk band even longer, this class will not leave anyone untouched. With his pedagogy, mantras and harmonium is his message of love, this will be unique class. Has made great success the world's greatest podcast Joe Rogan..


Rusty Wells, USA

The master of love, most who have gone to his classes are enchanted, so much love and so much wisdom in one and the same man. His class is a rollercoaster between laughter, tears and emotions. Famous quote by Rusty - If you go out of your yoga class without feeling more loving, you have done something else than yoga.







When you sign up for a particular studio, we share the revenue with them 50/50. Go there and hang out with a likeminded group on the big day or decide to join from home.


Alingsås - Endorfin
Alingsås - Essence of you
Arvika - Atmayoga
Avesta - Dragonflystudio
Hässleholm - HLM yogastudio
Karlskrona - Mindfuloyoga
Malmö - Homeyoga
Malmö - Studiofrid
Malmö - Myyogaroom
Sandviken - Frirum
Orust - Withlovefromkronlid
Stockholm - Yogashakti
Stockholm - Pranama yoga 
Trosa - Trosahotyoga
Uddevalla - Sinensis Hälsa
Varberg -  Coastalyoga
NORGE, Oslo - Hiyoga
Enköping - Moyolo
Bålsta - Träningshuset 1
Värmdö - Värmdoyogacenter
Getinge - Studiokroppochsinne
Varberg - Kajplats Balans
Torslanda - Ulrikas House of yoga
Mölnlycke - Yoga by link
Värnamö - ChiBalance
Karlstad - Yogainstitutet
Stockholm - DuCalme
SPANIEN, Nerja - Villa Sunshine
Karlskrona - Yoga Karlskrona
Floda - Your kind of yoga
Falun - Yes Box Falun
Västerås - Cattas
Malung - Inuti
Helsingborg -  PreBALANS
Karlstad - KMTI






To join from your Home:

Tickets stop selling 1 hour before the event. When you have booked, a confirmation of your booking will come. The link to the event comes 45 minutes before we start. We are available for technical support before and during the event.


How does it work?

We send via Zoom. You click on the link we send and accept Zoom on your computer / mobile. First you end up in a "waiting room" - it indicates that you have arrived correctly and will soon be admitted.

Your microphone is automatically muted when you enter. You choose whether you want to be seen with a picture or not. For the best experience, headphones or speakers are recommended.



The Power of Community

The lack of major events and community is huge right now. This event is a perfect opportunity to get back the feeling that we are many, we are strong - we are a community, a large yoga community!

For most of us, live online is a new way to meet as a group, to move around, make contacts, explore, and experience. The experience is obviously not the same as meeting in the same venue, but the feeling of community will be powerful! We help you and facilitate the practicality of being seen online so you as a participant can focus on your yoga experience.


As a participant, you choose between participating from home or in a group from your yoga studio.



All studios can join

As a yoga studio, it is a fantastic opportunity to offer your members a unique experience. For each participant who books a ticket to your studio, the studio receives 50% of the revenue. A studio / room needs to be set aside for this event at approx. 08.30-16

Does it have to be a yoga studio? No! All constellations are welcome, show room, hotel, spa, gym, cafes etc. Email or press the button below.




Our great Partners



Together we create a completely unique experience!



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