Online Experience, March 27

Brings yoga from the world to your home and studio!



We gather just about everyone interested in yoga in a unique yoga event online.  Some of the most popular teachers from Yoga Games events offers especially unique yoga classes in one day. The event is LIVE, will not be recorded or will not be sold afterwards

This is the third edition of Online Experience. We now have the honor to present the coveted teachers:


 Ulrica Norberg, Raghunath, Emilia Löf Karlsson, Michael James Wong, Matt Giordano, Francesca Golfetto och Pål Dobrin

We create this event to give you a unique experience of Yoga Games where you are. The level of the classes is adapted so that everyone can participate, regardless of experience. All the while we are waiting for the situation with Covid-19 to be sorted out.
When booking a ticket, you can choose to participate in a studio or yourself at home.
If you choose a studio, we share the income with them 50/50. Go there and experience fellowship with the group or be with from home. This digital event is the perfect opportunity to get back the feeling that we are many, we are strong - we are a community, a large yoga community!



08:30 – 09:30 Francesca Golfetto - Happy Hips! (English)

This special hip opening split class will work on loosening tight hips and hamstrings, which in turn can help alleviate back pain, and improve your posture, circulation and range of motion.  This class focuses on dynamic stretches, some longer holds and a few mobility exercises. We will be moving fluidly to release tension throughout the body.

Francesca is basically a professional ballet dancer from Italy who now lives in Norway. Francesca has been a yoga teacher for the last 10 years and is based in Astanga yoga but now vinyasa flow.

You find Francesa here



09:45 – 10:45 Ulrica Norberg - Moving into stillness yin (Swedish)

To be able to restore wisely is truly an artform and skill these days. To set sail into deep focus, unwind in order to help body and mind to recover and come out stronger and in better balance. A skillset indeed. Worth having. 

Ulrica Norberg is one of the most meditated yoga teachers in Sweden and has always participated in the Yoga Games (10 years). Ulrica rarely disappoints anyone with her wisdom and her magical voice. She is also a "breathing expert" on TV4 morning and has written several books in yoga and meditation.

You find Ulrica here



11:00 – 12:00 Michael James Wong – Ladder flow (English)

Join Michael James Wong for a Yoga Ladder Flow that brings to life the power of practicing together. One of the most exciting classes at the festival, this Yoga Games favourite is an annual tradition for all yogi’s new and old. Open for everyone, this is a strong vinyasa practice that combines set sequences with music that builds heat, heart and flow. You do not want to miss this!

Michael James Wong is one of the most popular teachers we have had at Yoga Games. MJW classes are always something extra and his Ladder flow class is legendary.

You find Michael here



13:00 – 13:30 Pål Dobrin – Meditation (Swedish)

Who am I beyond all the psychologically constructed identities that have come and gone throughout my life? Where does our Yoga practice aim to take us? In this combined lecture and guided meditation, we explore the deeper aspects of Yoga and ourselves from the different domains of the CARE Meditation awareness model.
Pål Dobrin is one of Sweden's heaviest in meditation techniques and awareness training. He runs CARE meditation which trains yoga teachers.
You find Pål here



13:45 – 14:45 Raghunath - Sacred Flow (English)

Move your body and heart as Raghu creates space for chanting Vedic story telling and movement as he leads us through fluid and graceful physical sequences accompanied with conscious breath awareness.  Leave the class singing, smiling and supercharged. All levels welcome.

Raghunath is incredibly special as he mixes asanas, wisdom, mantras with song in a set that again does. No wonder he was a guest on the world's biggest podcast with Joe Rogan last year. This former punk rocker and monk makes an impression wherever he appears
You can find Raghunath here


15:00 – 16:00 Matt Giordano - Side Bend, Back Bend & Twist (English)

A focus on one of the most important aspects of our physical practice and the most challenging to master. Explore depth of your body by connecting to the natural curves of your spine and the muscles that support it. Lengthen and tone all the muscles surrounding your diaphragm to restore natural freedom ofbreath for maximum energy. Through this deep exploration you will work to unlock your ability to get into deep side bends, back bends, and twists without pain, strain or discomfort. (all levels)

Matt Giordano is an anatomical genius, he makes you understand your body into the smallest muscle and nerves during its classes. Matt is incredibly pedagogical and it is no wonder that he gets the highest marks from the participants at Yoga Games
You can find Matt here


16:05 – 16:15 Namaste By Emilia  -  Talk Boost yourself (Swedish)

Emilia ends the day with her magical voice, gives you the tools you need and reminds you why you are the most important and most powerful person in the Universe🙏🏽🦋💪🏽
Emilia became this year's yoga teacher at the yoga gala and will always boost and pay tribute to all participants' minds and bodies
You can find Emilia here








Book by 28 February + get a nice package from our sponsors

795 SEK

Book from March 1

895 SEK


To join from your Home:

Tickets stop selling 1 hour before the event. When you have booked, a confirmation of your booking will come. The link to the event comes 45 minutes before we start. We are available for technical support before and during the event.


How does it work?

We send via Zoom. You click on the link we send and accept Zoom on your computer / mobile. First you end up in a "waiting room" - it indicates that you have arrived correctly and will soon be admitted.

Your microphone is automatically muted when you enter. You choose whether you want to be seen with a picture or not. For the best experience, headphones or speakers are recommended.



The Power of Community

The lack of major events and community is huge right now. This event is a perfect opportunity to get back the feeling that we are many, we are strong - we are a community, a large yoga community!

For most of us, live online is a new way to meet as a group, to move around, make contacts, explore, and experience. The experience is obviously not the same as meeting in the same venue, but the feeling of community will be powerful! We help you and facilitate the practicality of being seen online so you as a participant can focus on your yoga experience.


As a participant, you choose between participating from home or in a group from your yoga studio.





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