Yoga Games Marketplace 


Yoga Games Marketplace is organized as part of the Nordic Conference in Stockholm and Gothenburg. In the Marketplace companies expose themselves and marketing products to the visitors. It is completely free to visit the Marketplace which is right next to Yoga studios.



The environment around yoga and lecture studios is a recovery and inspiring environment. The Yoga Games Marketplace is a unique exhibition of companies with products, services and offers, perfect for those who practice yoga. The amenities include yoga mats, clothing, travel, snacks, beauty products, and offers. Here visitors can mingle, gathering energy and buy different products. It is possible to buy directly in most booths.

Anyone can visit Yoga Games Marketplace, it’s completely free and open to the public. No tickets needed!

Tickets for single classes can then be purchased on site for the classes that are not fully booked. There is also a Drop In Studio of Yoga and lectures that are free for all visitors.



Total 50-75 companies have a booth at the Yoga Games Marketplace. As exhibitors in the Marketplace provides a unique opportunity to meet the target audience face to face, build customer relationships, expose trademarks and doing surveys. The exhibitors also get exposure on the website, as well as a number of free tickets to Yoga Games for personnel or market activity. There are 3 different options that vary in size and price of stand space depending on what your business needs.


Hosting class or lecture:

Yoga Games offers exhibitors to host their own class or lecture. This is done in the Free Drop In the studio where anyone can participate. There is no cost to join the classes or lectures the Drop In studio and one need not have bought ticket to Yoga Games. It is not possible to pre-book it´s the first-come first serve model.


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