the Online Experience – 28 november

the Nordic yoga event!

Now we gather all yoga enthusiasts in a unique yoga event online. Via Zoom, everyone can participate, in a group or in your own home. Some of the most popular teachers from Yoga Games events offer 5 unique yoga classes in one day. The event is LIVE, is not recorded and will not be sold afterwards.

In collaboration with yoga studios in Scandianvia, this will be a completely unique experience. Meet in a smaller group and take part in something much bigger! By having your yoga studio join the event, you can easily participate from there, together with the others in the room. Tell your yoga studio about this!





10-15-11.15 ADAM HUSLER

11.30-12.30 HELENA WINTRE

Lunch Break

13.30-14.30 RAGHUNATH

14.45-15.45 RUSTY WELLS



The Power of Community

The lack of major events and community is huge right now. This event is a perfect opportunity to get back the feeling that we are many, we are strong - we are a community, a large yoga community!

For most of us, live online is a new way to meet as a group, to move around, make contacts, explore, and experience. The experience is obviously not the same as meeting in the same venue, but the feeling of community will be powerful! We help you and facilitate the practicality of being seen online so you as a participant can focus on your yoga experience.


As a participant, you choose between participating from home or in a group from your yoga studio.



Ticket Release 25 September




All studios can join

As a yoga studio, it is a fantastic opportunity to offer your members a unique experience. For each participant who books a ticket to your studio, the studio receives 50% of the revenue. A studio / room needs to be set aside for this event at approx. 08.30-16

Does it have to be a yoga studio? No! All constellations are welcome, show room, hotel, spa, gym, cafes etc. Email or press the button below.

Together we create a completely unique experience!




To join from your Home:

Tickets stop selling 1 hour before the event. When you have booked, a confirmation of your booking will come. The link to the event comes 45 minutes before we start. We are available for technical support before and during the event.


How does it work?

We send via Zoom. You click on the link we send and accept Zoom on your computer / mobile. First you end up in a "waiting room" - it indicates that you have arrived correctly and will soon be admitted.

Your microphone is automatically muted when you enter. You choose whether you want to be seen with a picture or not. For the best experience, headphones or speakers are recommended.


See you November 28th!



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