Presenters - Prana Festival 2019

Ulrica Norberg

Ulrica Norberg, Stockholm

Ulrica has been studying and teaching yoga for over twenty years and has extensive experience in a wide range of different yogic systems. Her teaching style (knowledgeable, inspirational, generous and warm) reflects elements from her own meditation and yogapractice, teaching experience, life, studies (She has a masters degree in film and journalism) and immense travels around the world. She has played an important role in yogas growth in Scandinavia from the 90´s on, has trained over 500 yoga teachers and is an admired teacher, trainer, mentor, author of several books and films on yoga. Ulrica is teaching trainings, retreats and workshops in Scandinavia, Europe and USA and in spring of 2015, she reached the highest honor a yogi can receive when she was initiated to YogaMaster (Yogiraj) by KaviYogi Alan Finger, which makes her the first Scandinavian to reach such level of achievement.


”When you start taking yourself too seriously, the yoga is gone. Its just yoga. So investigate, explore and listen to what arises.”

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No lectures has yet to been scheduled for this presenter.