Presenters - Malmö October 25-27

Henrik Schmidt


Henrik Schmidt, Malmö

Henrik encourages his students to find a practice they can commit to and make it a part of their daily routine. His goal is for students to practice yoga every day and not just asanas, but also pranayama and mediation. For him, Yoga is about transformation, it’s not just about the physical postures, it’s about acceptance and how to concentrate the mind. Henrik believes the most important thing is that we practice with dedication and devotion, which leads to an inevitable physical, mental and spiritual change. According to his understanding of yoga, as we get more flexible in the body, the mind becomes less rigid as well. As we grow stronger, we can stand up for what we believe in and speak up when we see injustice around us. As we gain balance on the mat, we find balance in our daily lives. Yoga has taught him not to be so hard on himself, not to take everything so seriously, and that in order to find answers; the journey needs to be an inward journey. Henrik believes that the key to wellbeing and happiness in this life lies inside of us. Having taught a lot of different classes and numerous students, Henrik has had the pleasure of seeing tremendous change in those who are devoted to a regular practice. His advice to new students is to find a teacher that speaks to them and go to the classes that work He believes that through yoga we learn that we always have a choice as to how we react to things that happen in our lives. He keeps his classes joyful, energetic, challenging, and even ‘mind-blowing’ at times.

Before embarking on his spiritual journey, Henrik worked in the financial field for several top tier investment banking firms in San Francisco and New York. He is a native Swede, but spent half his life in the United States. He teaches vinyasa, hatha, yin, partner yoga, meditation, thai massage and draws knowledge from several different lineages in his teachings. He is a lead teachers at the Sampoorna Yoga 300-hour Advanced Vinyasa Teacher Training and he holds an‘E-RYT 500’category certification with Yoga Alliance US. Nowadays, he combines his time teaching at Sampoorna Yoga and at Hot Yoga Malmö in Sweden.


Malmö October 25-27

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11:30 : Pathway to Visvamitrasana (Studio 3)

The class ”Pathway to Visvamitrasana" focuses on a progressive arm balance flow with vitalising twists, deep exploration of the hips and engagement of the core, wringing out the entire body, leaving you feeling restored, cleansed and with sense of purity and purpose. It will be a rigorous, challenging and fun practice