Presenters - Malmö October 25-27

Bethany Kokaia


Bethany Kokaia, Malmö

Bethany found yoga as a way to cross-train while competing in professional watersports over 12 years ago. The love for the practice transitioned into teaching, as an E-RYT 200 hour certified yoga teacher and studio founder of Yoga Roots in Sweden. She is originally from the US and currently resides and teaches teaching in Malmö. To her teachings, she brings influences from an athletic background, international environment and a pure joy for sharing yoga with others. She teaches vinyasa, yin, prenatal and aerial yoga.

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Malmö October 25-27

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16:15 : Living Your Intentions (Studio 3)

“Yoga is the practice of embodying intentions we hold for ourselves and for our world” -Rolf Gates. Take time to pause and reflect on what your intentions are for both your practice and yourself off the yoga mat. This is a meditative, introspective and interactive workshop, where we set time aside to slow down and turn inward. The workshop is a balance of seated meditation, small group discussion, and a restorative yoga practice to allow yourself to center and realign with your inner guidance.



14:00 : Mindful Movements & Meditation (Studio 3)

A slow yoga practice, where the focus is on developing a closer awareness to your breath, body and mindful movements. The slower pace offers the opportunity to explore the asanas, the linkage of pranayama, and develop a conscious awareness of your practice. A balance of vinyasa movements, yin postures and meditation.