Presenters - Malmö October 25-27

Dages Juvelier Keates


Dages Juvelier Keates, NYC

Beginning in 2002, Dages’s studies have earned her accreditations in Bihar, Kundalini and Katonah lineages. Her syncratic teaching style has been profoundly impacted by immersion in studies with her mentor Nevine Michaan, founder of Katonah Yoga. Recent  collaborations include a series of workshops with Elena Brower pairing pranayama and aromatherapy, and retreats and trainings in Bali, Canada, Dominican Republic, Germany, Greece, Italy, Panama, Morocco and Switzerland.

Dages regularly contributes to teacher teacher trainings with The Sacred Fig, SKY TING, The Studio, and Katonah Yoga Center. She has just released her first book in collaborating with SKY TING, “Radical Acts of Embodiment: Teaching and Practices of Katonah Yoga” with a book event at McNally Jackson (NYC).

As a writer, mover, and teacher, Dages Juvelier Keates conducts queer feminist embodiment research. Deeply influenced by psychoanalytic theories, she explores bodies as accretions of unanswered questions, ephemeral archives of inter- and intra-personal memories, gestures, and other bio-imaginative acts. Her work seeks to decolonize “the body” as a site of productivity.

Dages has a B.A from Bard College and MA from NYU. She has recently taught in numerous international yoga teacher trainings and participated in panels and workshops for Colgate University (USA), New York University (USA), Palais de Tokyo (France), Parsons/The New School (USA), the Newington-Cropsey Foundation (USA), Tabakalera International Centre for Contemporary Culture (Spain), and Temple University (USA).

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Malmö October 25-27

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16:00 : Strength, Structure, Stability (Studio 5)

Asana is origami for bodies. The first part of this vigorous practice will break down the angles and measures of Katonah classics: dogs, hangs, squares, lunges, squats and pigeons. From there, we will dive into an ocean of fluency, knitting asana together with poetic sequencing. Afterwards, we will plumb the depths and whip up the heights with an ecstatic and pragmatic pranayama extravaganza!


10:45 : Sacred Geometry set in practice (Studio 3)
Form and pattern in Yoga Asana
In this workshop, you will learn about the archetypes of numbers and focus on organizing your body according the laws of geometry. Recognize structural forms and patterns in your standing, seated, and inverted asana-- the personal reveals the universal! This workshop will stimulate your imagination and help evolve your physical practice through the mundane mysticism of mathematics. Yoga is pragmatic and it’s magic!
18:00 : Recipes for Joy (Studio 3)

A sixty minute pranayama practice is one of the signature aspects of a Katonah Yoga practice. Asana practice allows you to throw out garbage, pranayama practice allows you to become full of joy. You will learn to systematically travel through all of the “rooms” of your body in order to amplify your energy, flush your glands, and rewire your neurology. Learn ancient techniques uniquely syncretized to facilitate a deep sense of presence, attunement, and vibrancy. An experience not to be missed!



16:00 : Yoga for Longevity (Studio 2)
This class will cover the structure of a personal longevity practice: ploughs, hangs, folds, and other therapeutic practices. It includes lecture, demonstration, and plenty of hands-on, attuned adjustments. Learn how to soothe your soul and recharge your batteries.