Terms of purchase


The selling company is ExLabs AB, 556666-0410, which owns the Yoga Games brand and arranges Yoga Games. ExLabs, Carlsbergsvägen 14, 429 42 Särö, Sweden.

How do I shop?
Order paid immediately. ExLabs / Yoga Games uses www.stripe.com as a payment exchange and certified partner, they are one of the world’s leading players in online payments. We accept the payment cards on the market and the payments are made with the highest security. No extra fee is charged and your information is not saved.

When ordering, an invoice can be selected for companies registered in Sweden. All information must be filled in correctly for invoicing to be approved. An invoice is then sent with 10 days to the due date and an invoicing fee of SEK 50 will be added. In the event of an unpaid invoice on the due date, the matter is automatically forwarded to Responsibility Finance and Debt Collection.

Delivery terms
Delivery of your ticket takes place immediately upon registration and arrives in your email. Feel free to check in your junk folder if it does not arrive in your inbox.

Prices include VAT, 6% for events and 25% for online activities. Yoga Games / ExLabs AB is entitled to ongoing price changes and adjustments including offers and discounts. Changes can not be invoked on a placed purchase / order before and / or after the current change or offer.

If the information on the ticket does not promise what the customer expects, we ask the customer to contact customer service. Advance event to new dates due to circumstances the organizer can not influence is not a reason for refund. Purchased ticket is then valid on the new dates. The fact that individual teachers teach live via a link instead of on site is not a reason for a complaint or refund.

Order confirmation / receipt
When we have received your order, we will send you a confirmation to your e-mail with information about your order. This is your receipt and security document and is valid as a guarantee certificate to be saved. If you do not receive this email, it is important that you contact us as soon as possible. Wrong email address can e.g. mean that the information does not arrive. Contact Customer Service if something is not right, when you contact us you state your first and last name and possibly.

Terms for ticket purchases
A booking can be canceled until payment has been made. If you choose to be invoiced, the purchase cannot be canceled. The Distance Contracts Act’s rules on the right of withdrawal do not apply when buying event tickets. When payment has been made, the Customer is therefore bound by his purchase. No refund is made for unused tickets and a medical certificate is required for cancellation. Lost ticket is replaced with a new ticket. The customer contacts customer service at Yoga Games. The replacement of teachers or the change of dates is not a basis for reimbursement of tickets.

Card- Service, delivery and distribution fees
In addition to the ticket price, the Customer pays no card service delivery fee and / or distribution fee.

Personal use
Tickets may only be purchased for personal use and may not be used for commercial purposes. This means that the ticket may not be resold or offered in competitions, or in connection with the offer of another product or service without the written consent of ExLabs and / or Yoga Games.

Personal data and consent
ExLabs stores purchase history and personal information provided by the Customer. ExLabs will not pass the information on to third parties. When registering at www.yogagames.org, the Customer automatically receives the Yoga Games newsletter which is sent via e-mail. By accepting these terms, the Customer agrees that ExLabs stores the Customer’s personal data and processes this data for the purposes stated above.

Photography and filming
By participating in Yoga Games, you accept that images and any films in which you participate may be used in advertising and editorial material for Yoga Games.

Applicable law
Swedish law applies to these customer terms.

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