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700 Euro

(Meals and accommodation not included)

This training is in Swedish

-How to build resilience and strength with the art of more yin based practice.

Life today doesn’t offer natural breaks. We eat lunch on the go and are constantly online or communicating on phones, laptops, or iPads. We may even try to do yoga while doing these other things. But to increase balance in life and more mental ease, we need to balance activity with a practice where we can turn our senses inward and quiet down. And learn how to reflect while in practice and afterwards. We can stately claim that the need for a more inquiry-based, contemplative, and complementary practice to any activity, is well needed in the life of the modern human and yogi.

Yoga means “to yoke” together opposites. That is also what Hathayoga, the platform for all physical yoga practice. To balance the ha (yang) and the tha (yin); the solar (doing) with the lunar (being) aspects of the practice. In this sense, our yoga practice should be a blend of yang/out/action/contraction and yin/in/observation/extension to make the whole balanced and to affect our entire health to move towards homeostatis (the maintenance of equilibrium).

Here we will explore the range of slowing things down and take a closer look at the art of slow moving and stillness. Often called yin.
Moving slow to stillness, or from more still to moving. Does a yinyoga practice have to be about being still? What is the intention of yin? Why are there people who gets a lot of pain after long holding yin sequences? How can we better understand mysofascial movements through the lens off yoga? Science? Life?

To learn how to move slowly with and intention through your bodies tissues with attentiveness and respect takes practice but is highly rewarded since it is a marvellously therapeutic tool for healing bodily, mental, and emotional imbalances.

In this training we will explore the in-between worlds we live in as humans and how we can boost ourselves through a more connective practice platform.  How does one balance the strong with the soft, inner with outer, up and down and can one transform stress and tension to renewable energy and inspiration? Ulrica will guide you through a 20 hour training where you will learn:

  • How anatomy, biomechanics and physiology can be understood through the lens of a slow based practice.
  • key muscles, bones, and joints
  • Visualization techniques
  • Improve introception
  • Sensation-based practices
  • Learn how to adapt a yinpractice to boost your strength training, running, flowing yoga and meditation.
  • Unlock and strengthen muscle chains
  • Learn how to effectively dissolve tension
  • How slow moving and more contemplative moving yoga can boost creativity, inspiration and joy
  • What science says about resilience training
  • Improve breath, focus and concentration
  • Improve inquiry
  • Teachers: Learn how to work with individual needs
  • Teachers: Up your yin pedagogics
  • All Levels Appropriate including practitioners who are not certified to teach yoga


This training is for anyone that would like to empower themselves in understanding myofascial relation, autonomic nervous system regulation, tension, tensegrity, resilience and decompression av stress in body, mind and spirit and how one can incorporate a more slow, inquiry based practice. In order to increase circulation, boost metabolism, focus, joy and insight. Both non-teachers and teachers alike will greatly benefit from the knowledge gained and the development of your practice.


The in-person training will build upon some reading material prior to the live sessions, and you will also be sent some talks and short form classes to practice beforehand in order to prepare you for the upcoming days in Båstad.
You will also receive a handout in a pdf format from Ulrica.

While in Båstad you will be guided by Ulrica and she will generously share her knowledge and teach classes, break into workshop format and more pose analysis and discussion.

Warm welcome!

Ulrica Norberg found meditation and yoga in her early teens when she was living and studying in the US. Her journey started with Zenbuddist studies, followed by decades of exploring and deeply studying various styles of classical and modern aspects on yoga, philosophy and meditation in Asia, India and the US. With a mind intrigued how things function and affect energy, she has spent many years studying physiology, anatomy, philosophy, psychology and bioenergy work. In 2015, Ulrica was initiated by Kavi Yogi Alan Finger to Yogiraj; Yoga Master. It is the highest honor one can receive as a yogi. In 2018 she was honored Yogi of the Year award at the Yoga Gala in Sweden for her dedication to the growth of yoga and for sharing her knowledge and wisdom so generously.

Ulrica has played an important role in yoga’s growth in Europe from the 90´s and on and she has trained hundreds of yoga teachers across the world.

This Sweden native, holds a Masters degree from Stockholm University in Journalism and film, is a trained journalist in various fields as well as curator and shares her teaching with work as a creative consultant, teaching creativity and innovation workshops. She has written over a dozen books on health, creativity and wellbeing.  

Her vast experience from life, knowledge and from having gone against and along the grid, shines through in her accepting teaching style and many feels at home in her classes.

She is known for her deep knowledge, self-distance, inspirational spotting, pedagogic teaching and warm approach.

”When you start taking yourself too seriously, the yoga is gone.
For me the yoga practice is all about investigation and exploration in order for your light and insight to appear.”


Instagram: ulricanorberg