Who participates at Yoga Games?

Everyone who have tried yoga or who wants to try yoga! There are challenges and development opportunities for everyone, experienced yogis or beginners. For three days, Yoga Games offers a wide range of workshops, yoga and lectures

Workshop on Friday

Friday’s workshop for those who want to deepend their knowledge about details. It is a unique opportunity to get deeper knowledge and inspiration from some of the best.

Food and drinks

Are not included in the tickets. There is a café in Marketplace that offers refreshments and snacks. Sallads will be offered during the days. Make sure you plan your classes so you have time to eat lunch.

Dressing Room

Access to dressing rooms is limited. If you have the opportunity, it´s best to arrive in yoga clothes and maybe have some change of clothes with you. A large, supervised, cloakroom is in place for clothes.

Do you bring your own yoga mat?

We recommend those who have to bring your own mat. Yoga mats is for sale at Yoga Games.Marketplace

How do I Book a class?

You do so when registering, which takes place under the tab “Book Now”.

In how many classes can I participate on Saturday and Sunday?

You can participate in a maximum of 5 classes per day on Saturday and Sunday. When you make your booking you have to provide for breaks to rest and to eat.


Please see price under each event. All events offers “early bird” discount so its always good to book in adcanve.  


For larger groups, it is possible to pay by invoice. On request, send email to andreas@yogagames.org

Personal information

All personal information received through the notification is treated under the laws and rules. By signing up for Yoga Games approves retention of data, but only for the use of Yoga Games.

Change a class?

You can change your class if space is available in the required class. Contact info@yogagames.org


Questions are easiest answered on info@yogagames.org For specific cases, see under the tab contact.