Welcome to Yoga Games Gothenburg! More information and program for the event will be released in September. The number of tickets will be limited, so make sure to book your ticket early.

Yoga Games is the number one place to be for anyone with an interest in yoga!

We are currently working on the program and will offer a variety of new exciting names mixed with favorites from previous years. Workshops, yoga classes, meditations, and lectures are offered for you to choose your own schedule for the weekend. Bookings are made on full days, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Choose your combination.

If you book early, you get a discount and have the best chance of a place before your favorites are fully booked.

Yoga Games Gothenburg offers longer workshops Friday and Saturday, Sunday are filled with inspiring classes, lectures, and workshops. You make your own program and book the classes you want to attend. Make sure to book in advance before when many classes get full.


When booking, first choose the days you want to go, in the next step you choose your classes. Feel free to read through the schedule before so you know a little about the classes and teachers.

The classes are marked in the categories Recovery – Flow – Talk and Workshop.

Once you have booked your classes, you are guaranteed your place in them. After completing the booking, you will receive a booking confirmation/receipt via email. Changes to your schedule can be made afterward in the Yoga Games app.

Yoga Games is a weekend to get new contacts and network with others who are interested in yoga. Another bonus is our free studio where we release tickets every hour for classes and lectures that are completely free!


Visit our exhibitors with great deals, exclusive offers and exciting news. It is free to visit the Marketplace and no tickets are needed.

You will find yoga clothes, studios, trainings, yoga mats, supplements and others things boosting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.


Yoga Games also offers free yoga classes. It is not possible to book a ticket there, it is only on-site. You pick up your ticket no earlier than 60 minutes before the class starts. Everyone is welcome, even those who have not bought tickets for the event. Program is released about 3 weeks before the event. Bring your own yoga mat.


Tickets for SINGLE classes can be purchased on-site every and cost SEK 400 per class on Saturday and Sunday. Friday’s workshops cost SEK 800.

Advance booking can only be made on full days, then 5 classes per day are included.

It is important to keep in mind that a lot of classes can get full, so if you really want a place in a special class, we recommend booking in advance.