Experience the combination of Yoga Games’ fantastic range of yoga with the magical environment in Båstad! You can be part of this fantastic weekend. Choose your own program of classes from a large selection. Some of the world’s most well-known teachers mixed with selected Swedish teachers in a well-composed program that suits all levels.

On the program you will find yoga, meditation, breathwork and cold baths.

The event is held in partnership with Hotel Skansen in Båstad, where all yoga classes are held and the Marketplace with exhibitors can be found on the hotel’s premises. Book your accommodation at Hotel Skansen to get the full experience in the perfect yoga bubble for the weekend.

Program & Teachers

The program offers a variety where new exciting names are mixed with favorites from last year’s premiere. Workshops, yoga classes, meditations, and lectures are offered for you to choose your own program for the weekend. You can meet many popular teachers such as Rusty Wells, Matt Giordano, Stina Madelaire, and Johanna Hector. Some of the new names in Båstad this year is Michael James Wong, Rebecca Latos, Lama Chimey and Ulrica Wihlborg Forrest

The classes are divided into the categories, Flow, Recovery, Workshop, and Talks and also in Beginners, All levels, Experienced and English. This is to facilitate your choice of classes.

Bookings are made with full days Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday. Choose your own combination. On Friday it´s 3-hour workshops with different topics.


Super Early Bird price until Sept 8
Friday 120 Euro
Saturday 159 Euro
Sunday 145 Euro
Saturday & Sunday 235 Euro 

Saturday & Sunday includes 5 classes per day
Friday includes two 3-hour workshops


When booking, first choose the days you want to go, in the next step you choose your classes. Feel free to read through the schedule before so you know a little about the classes and teachers.

The classes are marked in the categories Recovery – Flow – Talk and Workshop.

Once you have booked your classes, you are guaranteed your place in them. After completing the booking, you will receive a booking confirmation/receipt via email. Changes to your program can be made afterward by contacting us.

Tickets for single classes can be purchased on-site every and cost SEK 400 per class on Saturday and Sunday. Friday’s workshops cost SEK 700.


By staying at Hotel Skanson you make your experience even better. It´s in the same venue as the event and you will enjoy the beautiful facilities of this place. Find the unique rooftop pool, the spa, or the well-equipped gym.


Enjoy exclusive offers and news from well-known brands in health, exercise, and well-being. It is completely free to visit the yoga fair and no ticket is needed, everyone is welcome, entrance by Hotel Skansen.

Examples of exhibitors include clothes, yoga studios, teacher trainings, yoga mats and accessories for yoga, charities, health food, online concepts, massage, etc. All with a focus on a healthy and sustainable life.

Opening Hours Marketplace

Saturday 08-17.30

Sunday 09-16

Free Classes

During Yoga Games we offer free yoga classes and lectures. It is not possible to book a ticket in advance, everyone is welcome, even if you haven’t purchased a ticket to Yoga Games. Bring your yoga mat and make sure to come one hour in before start to get your ticket.

Hotel Skansen

You will find the Marketplace in Hotel Skansen, from the main entrance you take a left, and one level down you find the beautiful Vinterträdgården. Here is also where you find the information desk for the event.

Visit the Marketplace

There is no entrance fee and you do not need to have booked a ticket to the Yoga Games, open and free to the public.