Elements of Mastery 30 h

with Matt Giordano


950 Euro

(Meals and accommodation not included)

Alignment based yoga tends to be dogmatic, there is one right way and nothing else. While flow based yoga practices don’t provide any support on how to do the postures or transitions. This has become the great divide in modern yoga, and this is where Elements of Mastery comes in. Elements of Mastery is a hybrid training course that provides you with technique based instruction rather than dogmatic alignment. What is the difference?

Dogmatic alignment provides you with one way of making a shape in your body, claiming that anything else is incorrect. However MOST of these “Alignment” instructions are not actually based on anatomy or bio-mechanics. They are either aesthetically based, or simply a passed down set of rules that have not been updated for decades. 

Elements of Mastery provide’s “Chromatic Technique’s” that are based on Anatomy and Bio-Mechanics (how the body operates). Chromatic Technique is not limited to joint alignment, but also includes isometric muscle engagements and recognizes that individual bodies require alteration of instruction. Technique includes “timing”; knowing what do to, and how to do it are part of it, but WHEN to do it is also a major part of Chromatic Technique.

Chromatic Technique’s are flexible, there are a myriad of ways to approach any given posture, and it’s entirely based on intent.

In Elements of Mastery we will explore anatomically backed Chromatic Techniques based on specified intents. 

Elements of Mastery goes beyond the physical postures and transition, it includes the Elements known as the Maha Bhuta’s in yogic philosophy: 

  1. Earth
  2. Water
  3. Fire
  4. Air 
  5. Space

These five elements provide insight into our physical, mental and emotional patterns, giving us a massive opportunity to transcend our limitations on and off the mat. Each element helps us to understand our strengths, tendencies, and growth potential. 

Some Qualities of Each Element Include:

Earth: Strength, Stability, Safety, Dependable, Grounding

Water: Adaptable, Flexible, Emotional, Creative, Also Grounding

Fire: Fierce, Transformative, Charismatic, Captivating, Motivating

Air: Light, Connective, Freeing, Momentous, Inspiring

Space: Universality, Pure Potential, Awareness, Wisdom

How do these qualities relate to the Asana (physical yoga practice)?

Each of us embody all elements however our individual life’s circumstances, and genetics strengthen certain elemental characteristics over others. While we will go into much greater detail in the immersion, a quick example, if you tend to me more Earth centered and/or identified, you may prefer holding postures longer and moving slower, while a water centered person might want to move more at a moderate pace. A fire type person would prefer intense interval type training, while air may perfect movement at a more rapid pace. Of course we embody all elements, so you are likely drawn to a some variety of the above examples. In the elements of mastery we will explore all movement types in a safe, controlled manner, and we will learn Chromatic Techniques to improves each movement type in order to balance our our physical embodiment of the elements and improve our physical well-being. 

The Hybrid Format: Online 6 Hours, In Person 24 Hours

Online “The Pose Lab”

There will be a total of 6 hours of education online called “The Pose Lab”. In The Pose Lab we will break down a select group of postures and address common “Dogmatic Alignment” vs “Chromatic Techniques”. Each Video will be approximately 5-10 minutes long (depending on the intricacy of the pose)

Postural breakdowns will include:

  1. Chaturanga 
  2. Downward Dog
  3. Upward Dog
  4. 3 Part Cobra
  5. Side Angle
  6. Full Wheel
  7. Revolved Lunge 
  8. Extended Hand to Big Toe Variation B
  9. Crow Pose
  10. Side Crow
  11. Headstand 
  12. Handstand
  13. Side Plank
  14. Pigeon Pose
  15. Fire Log Pose “Double Pigeon”

In Person

Utilizing our collective knowledge from the online course we will put these techniques into Asana Practices that help us to link postures and explore transitions. Each class will be infused with an exploration of a specific element. 

Day 1 Morning Session

  1. Overview of Elements
  2. Practice 1: Earth (Balance) Ankle and Hip Stability
  3. Chromatic Technique: Select Postural Breakdowns

Day 1 Afternoon Session

  1. What is Mastery? How to achieve it through the Elements and Technique
  2. Practice 2: Water (Transitions/Flow) Hip Mobility, Strength and Flexibility
  3. Space: Breath work and Meditation to improve the neuro-muscular systems integration and development. This speeds up recovery, and physical mastery.

Day 2 Morning Session

  1. Integrating Elemental Awareness into daily life to find physical, mental and emotional freedom – how to release old patterns and create a life enhancing approach, embracing every moment from a new perspective. 
  2. Practice 3: Fire (finding your inner power and physical strength) Core Power, Psoas Health, Courageous Step by Step approach to Arm Balances (no more guessing, or feeling inadequate)
  3. Chromatic Technique: SelectIon of Postures based on Practices 1-3

Day 2 Afternoon Session 

  1. Finding the love and joy in the challenges of life, and creating space for play, fun, and enjoyment – how to celebrate and embrace the sweetness and fullness that this life has to offer. 
  2. Practice 4: Air (Freedom, Joy, Lightness, Celebration). Heart Openers come natural when the nervous system is in celebration mode. We will use this free up our heart space, access thoracic breathing, and decompress the spine. This energetic embodiment paired with Chromatic Techniques will leave you feeling like you have a whole new spine!
  3. Space: Grounding Meditation to reset the nervous system and maximize integration

Day 3 Morning Session

  1. Review, Discussion, Q&A
  2. Practice 5: Integrating the 5 Mahabhutas Part 1 – Inversions 
  3. Guided Breath-work and Meditation 

Day 3 Afternoon Session

  1. Chromatic Technique: Final Breakdown of Select Postures and Transitions
  2. Therapeutically Inspired Practice for Healing Recovery of Muscle and Joints 
  3. Finalizing Technical Mastery through the Elements. 

What is Chromatic Yoga: The school of yoga created by Matt Giordano which systematizes teaching techniques to provide yoga teachers with ways to advance their teaching skill sets and provide students with the best possible experience in each class. 

What if I am not a teacher?

While the teaching technique sections will not be directly applicable because you will not be teaching others, it will be incredibly useful to your practice. By learning these structures you will be able to guide yourself more accurately through the asana practice and will be more aware of what you can do when you are not understanding something in your body. 


Yoga instructor Matt Giordano (500 ERYT) gives credit to an influential figure from his teenage years–his high school art teacher– for sparking within him the curiosity and tenacity that eventually led him to yoga. It was Eileen Walk who told Giordano: ”You are not allowed to say ’I can’t.’ You must rephrase to a question: ’How?'”

That inquisitive and unrelenting spirit laid the foundation for Matt to begin a devoted yoga practice. When coupled with his passion to understand the physics and subtle alignment of the body, Matt’s dharma as a teacher came into focus.

Originally from Sea Cliff, Long Island, Giordano is primarily based in Connecticut and Manhattan, where he teaches at local studios and shows off his daring side riding motorcycles along the open road. Matt is often on the go, traveling internationally to teach yoga and perform acrobatics. Well-known for his ability to guide students deeply into postures with his refined attention to detail and precise action cues, Giordano is an adept guide for all-levels students at festivals, workshops and in his weekly studio classes. His study of biomechanics and integrative mind-body techniques informs his teaching, as he draws upon wisdom from traditions of yoga, martial arts (Aikido and Tae Kwan Do), acrobatics, AcroYoga and Thai Yoga Massage. In the end, Matt inspires a humble confidence, allowing students to find ease while expanding the edge of their comfort zones.

As Giordano helps make AcroYoga a household name, the media has taken notice; featuring him in Martha Stewart’s Whole Living, Alignyo, Yoga Dork and on LIVE! With Kelly and Michael. Events the world over are allowing countless students the opportunity to practice with Matt. No one misses the action, as his growing digital content (YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook) has become another platform for Matt to share delight, technique and even the occasional appearance of his dog Tito, a Papillon and heart-melting super yogi.

Instagram: theyogimatt